Consulting Clients

Past and present consulting clients include the following. So far only one of them has gone out of business, but I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with me.

Spire Associates (Los Angeles, CA)
Consultant at sales and marketing consulting firm which specializes in building, executing, and optimizing Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) strategies for top-tier companies. Responsiblities include rattling cages, catalyzing change, producing results, and cranking out delectable deliverables.
LRN (Los Angeles, CA)
Develop web-based ethical and legal compliance training tutorials for Fortune 1000 companies on topics like legal privilege, product liability, competition law, discrimination and harassment, health and safety, brand management, insider trading, and money laundering. Transform company Codes of Conduct into e-learning modules.
Scott & Company (Marina del Rey, CA)
Perform various writing assignments for healthcare consulting company.
Voce (Beverly Hills, CA)
Contract recruiter for a start-up wireless phone company targeting affluent consumers with the highest quality service and personalized technical support. Full-cycle recruiting functions from sourcing, candidate development, interviews, all the way to salary offers.
Health Technology Center (San Francisco, CA)
Edited a technology forecast report and prepared a "clear communications" style guide for in-house writers.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (Dulles, VA)
Wrote a User's Guide for the Pegasus air-launched space booster, post-launch reports, Interface Control Documents, launch license applications for the Department of Transportation, Critical Design Review presentations, and new business proposals in response to RFPs.
Arc Second, Inc (Reston, VA)
Wrote a successful business plan that attracted capital for a now-thriving business. Established sales and marketing departments to sell laser-based, instantaneous 3-D position measurement systems used in construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, law enforcement, robotics, virtual reality, and other specialty markets.
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation (Manassas, VA)
Met with Russian aerospace officials in Moscow and assessed the viability of a planned Russian-American experiment on stratospheric ozone depletion and evaluated the feasibility of using large Russian wind tunnels for full-scale aerodynamic tests of Aurora's Perseus unmanned scientific research aircraft. Wrote proposals for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and other new business. Wrote their employee handbook.
Central Intelligence Agency (Langley, VA)
Acted in and narrated secret videos for CIA University, the CIA's training organization for intelligence personnel.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Quantico, VA)
Sharpened the street survival skills of new agents at Hogan's Alley, the FBI Academy's mock town, using paint guns and realistic role-playing scenarios such as kidnappings and bank robberies.